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Triskell RuneLeaf

“We dance to the rhythm of the world”

Aka: The Wood Elves
Associated colors: green and brown
Worship: Sylanna, the Dragon of Earth, Nature’s Great Mother
Core Philosophy: Swift as the wind, graceful as the stream, strong as the waterfall, wise as the oak… At one with nature…
Core philosophy: “Live and let live… in harmony”
Country / kingdom: Irollan, the forest maze
Capital city: Shataqua “New Green”
Key symbols: tree leave, feather, “triskel” rune

Description: (Adapted from the Official Site)
"Sylvans are graceful and patient souls who live in close harmony with the earth. Distrustful of machinery and cities, they keep to their ancient ways and ally with others only rarely.
The sylvan society is built around several people that all experience a symbiotic relationship, making the Sylvan realm a very united nation.
Along with the elves (druids, hunters, warriors) live wild legendary beasts (Direwolves, Unicorns, Treants…), and Faeries (Sprites, Pixies…)."

A Summary:
Assuming the role of classic environmentalists: despising modern technology and machinery, the Nature Town has returned under its adopted name of Sylvan, which means 'Woods'. Associated with the Earth and Nature, the Sylvan continues its strong Heroes tradition, and this time violently opposing their dark counterparts in the Dungeon.

The unmistakably quick and adept Nature dwellers, mostly composed of elves and fantastical creatures, have welcomed a few newcomers. The Green Dragon has taken the spot of the Phoenix, while hysterical War Dancers are a bersker-like, tatooed elf. Having a strong focus on magic, the Druid has returned to strengthen the metaphysical aspect of the town.

Having two rival elf factions in the game makes for some intense rivalry, which includes a born-again rivalry between Black and Green Dragons. The elves are the driving forces behind their respective armies - whose army will emerge victorious?

Nature Town Adventure MapFeather

Thanks to ThE_HyDrA for creating and looking after the Heroes 5 section of Age of Heroes!

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