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"Life is change, chaos, filth and suffering. Death is peace, order, everlasting beauty."

Facts and Traits:
Also Known As: The Necromancers, The Undead
Associated Colours: Black and fluorescent (toxic) green
Worship: The Primordial Dragon of Order in a twisted version of her destructive aspect
Core Philosophy: “Embrace the Void”. Morbid fascination for death and fanatic devotion to the cause
Country/Kingdom: None (they are a secret society hidden within Academy and Haven)
Capital City: None (same reason)
Key Symbols: The Mother Spider

Description: (From the Official Site)
"Necromancers are a split-order of the Wizards. They study death-magic to become eternal. They can control the spirits of the deceased (ghosts) or raise the dead form their graves (skeletons, zombies). Necromancers believe that pleasures are sensual (linked to our five senses) and that each pleasure leads to pain (being sick from eating too much, grieving the death of one’s beloved, etc.). The solution is to embrace death, which is perfection through sensory deprivation. Necromancers believe in an eternal, unchanging, neutral life rather than maintaining moderation in all things until the next life. High-ranking Necromancers become Vampires: eternally young, beautiful and powerful, but as cold and insensitive as alabaster statues.

On the battlefield, Necropolis troops are generally weaker than their opponents. However their cost is lower as they are less dependent on “material” resources to grow. So they tend to benefit from a clear numeric advantage.
But Necropolis troops also compensate their relative weakness with other abilities. All Necropolis creatures are Undead. Undead creatures are not affected by morale: the dead don't care, you can't motivate them with the prospect of victory and they are not afraid to die. Mind Effects and poisons also don't work on them: they don't have minds or bodies.
On top of that some units will drain life from their enemies or remain untouched by non-magical attacks. "

A Summary:
The Necropolis town adds another dimension of evil to the game, after having departed from the igneous brothers at the end of Heroes IV. The 'toxic green' legacy of the Venom Spawn remains, but the trump card in the Necropolis Town is their undead state and cheap recruitment price.

The Necropolis Castle has been a mainstay in the Heroes series since Heroes II. The Heroes II and III creature line-ups are much the same as Heroes V, again with an emphasis on magic rather than might. A new facet to the Necropolis town in Heroes IV is that they are a hidden society, deep within the bounds of the Haven and Academy alignments. The Necromancers are seen as a divergence from their roots as Academy wizards into undead liches.

We can already see a clear distinction and rivalry emerging. The Inferno is the sworn enemy of the Haven, while the Necromancers despise the Wizards; the Academy.

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