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"Do what thou willst"

Facts and Traits:
Also Known As: The Demons, the Lords of Chaos
Associated Colours: Black and red
Worship: Urgash, the Primordial Dragon of Chaos - their progenitor
Core Philosophy: 'Might makes Right' ; conquer, plunder and rape the weak, laugh when youíre wounded or tortured, indulge yourself in selfish pleasures, spread anarchy and chaos, corrupt the righteous
Country/Kingdom: Sheogh, the Prison of Fire
Capital City: Ur-Hekal, the "Gate of the Burning Heart"
Key Symbols: Unicursal Hexagram, Ouroboros (the snake that eats its own tail)

Description: (Adapted from the Official Site)
"The Demons are ravenours monsters that would burn the world to a cinder just to watch it burn. Demons are an alien pantheon of hostile monsters that are bent on conquering Ashan. Fortunately, they are imprisoned in Hell (a 'dimensional jail' created in the lava core of the planet) and canít exist for long in the material (surface) world, except when they are summoned by a sorcerer or when they can possess a mortal body. On the battlefield, Inferno troops are famous for their insane brutality in both the might and magic fields. Inferno troops will rush into the melee, while creatures with magic abilities will disrupt the normal order of proceedings and call for demonic reinforcements or to summon the fury of the 'fire element' and set it upon their enemy. The inferno heroes will of course support their troops, sometimes taking part in combat, but most of the time they will use their boundless mana reserves to cast a multitude of devastating spells. "

A Summary:
Imprisoned between worlds by the legendary wizard known as the Seventh Dragon, the Legions of Chaos want out in the worst way - using any destructive, spiteful, vicious and sadistic methods to get what they want.

The Inferno, introduced as a new town in Heroes III, was amalgamated with the Death alignment in Heroes IV following the genocide of the Kreegans, but have once again dissociated themselves with Death, but maintained their correlation with evil. Witnessing the advent of new creatures such as the Horned Overseer and the Succubus, the Inferno town has a formidable line-up, and plays a large role in the storyline.

The rivalry between Angels and Devils will be rekindled in the latest installment of the Heroes series, their hatred for each other already showcased in the latest E3 videos.

Ouroboros Unicursal Hexagram

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