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"For Honour, Order and Duty"

Facts and Traits:
Associated Colours: Light blue, white and gold
Worship: Elrath, the Dragon of Light and its first servants - the Angels
Core Philosophy: Law and Order instead of Good and Mercy
Country/Kingdom: The Holy Griffin Empire
Capital City: Talonguard
Key Symbols: The Holy Sun, the Griffin

Description: (From the Official Site)
"A feudal Holy Empire, Haven is the strongest realm of Ashan. It is a kingdom of medieval knights and monks, with prevalent access to 'Light / Life' Magic and 'Angelic' elite troops. The Empire chose the Griffin as its symbol. Tamed griffins are used by the nobility as 'flying hounds', and sometimes as mounts. On the battlefield, Haven troops are known to be extremely resistant, relying more on the mighty power of brutal force than on the delicate art of magic. The heroes of the Haven faction will develop skills and abilities to support the hurricane of steel and fury that will rush into the enemy's rank."

A Summary:
The Humans of the Holy Griffin Empire are inspired and guided by angels. Itís a feudal society driven by the rigorous edicts of the Dragon of Light.

The Heroes V counterpart of its Heroes I-II cousins, the Knight castle, the Heroes III Castle town, and its Heroes IV namesake, the Haven. Often referred to as the 'human town', the Haven is one of only two towns showcased so far. It maintains many of its creatures from the previous games, with the Griffin returning to the Holy town after a short stint with the naturalists.

The Inferno town will act as the Haven town's archrival in Heroes V, described as the "classic Heroes of Might and Magic fight - Good vs. Evil, Angels vs. Devils."

Griffin Symbol The Holy Sun

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